• Advinne Staff
  • Advinne Staff

Feb 19, 2016 09:13 PM


Plan and Rates


With Advinne, it's so much easier to save

To add more value to you, our valued subscriber, Advinne rewards it's high-spend customer through a multi-level tier system.

The more you spend on calls and data; the cheaper it becomes.

Tier 1: Bronze
Average spend below ZAR 70, calls will be charged at R0.89 per minute.

Tier 2: Silver
Average spend above ZAR 75 per month , calls will be charged at R0.79 per minute.

Tier 3: Gold
Average spend above ZAR 150, calls will be charged at R0.75 per minute.

Tier 4: Platinum
Average spend above ZAR 300, calls will be charged at R0.65 per minute.