• Advinne Staff
  • Advinne Staff

Feb 19, 2016 09:13 PM

Keeping Your Number

New Members


Want to keep your number?

To transfer your existing number to Advinne, you will need to purchase or order a FREE Advinne SIM Card and request the agent to port your existing number to Advinne Mobile. Make sure you finish all airtime before porting to Advinne, as your operator will not thank you for giving them free money.

The porting process is as follows:

1. Get your hands on an Advinne SIM Card. Go to Advinne Dealer.

2. Provide the name of your existing network provider.

3. Give the existing number you wish to transfer to Advinne.

4. We will transfer your number to Advinne within 2 working days, once we receive the above information from you.

When you transfer your number to Advinne, load call credit or any preferred bundle you require.